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Easiest screen protector install ever!!!

In order to support the new Apple Watch, we were forced to upgrade our iPhones from a 4S to something newer. Our choice was the iPhone 6 Plus.

We went with the 6 Plus because of the larger screen and better camera. We also wanted to see if the 6 Plus would be good enough to take the place of the iPad mini. However, we did have some reservations regarding the awkward size of this much larger iPhone. In order to lessen the possibility of damage, we decided to apply some preemptive protection to the screen and body.


Our first experience with screen protectors was back in 2005. This was when owners of the iPod nano discovered their shiny new gadget was a scratch magnet. We had posted an article on the installation of the InvisibleShield for the device. The process was not only complicated, took time to complete, and required a steady hand to execute properly.


Things have come a long way in a decade. The protection is now made from tempered glass, is just as thin as the plastic of the InvisibleShield, but is crystal clear. As for the installation of the Alpha Glass onto the device, it is now just two simple steps. The whole process took less than a minute.



Here is a side view of the iPhone with the Alpha Glass installed. Note that the sheet of the Alpha Glass does not extend all the way to the edge. This is actually nice as it will likely not interfere with the addition of a protective case. The small gap in the image is an illusion as it is aligned exactly with the edge of the LCD screen.


There was no noticeable reduction in clarity or brightness. All in all, we are extremely pleased with the ease of installation and the performance of the Alpha Glass. Here are a few angles (front, side) with the display active.


For drop protection, we had intended to put the iPhone in the Pelican Voyager, but decided to go with an aluminum bumper instead. The chief reason was so we could use the Olloclip with the iPhone without having to first remove it from a case.


Our new iPhone 6 Plus screen is now scratch-proof and better protected from impact. Barring any extraordinary circumstances, we expect this iPhone to look as good as the day we sell it (to upgrade to another new model) as it does today.


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