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Stop talking football and go snowshoeing

We have been told to “stop talking football” because the Super Bowl will be here soon enough 🙂  So, to distract ourselves, here are a few pics from the first decent snow storm of the year.




We had plans to head to Aikido class, but trying to make our way across town seems less appealing than it did before all the white stuff came down. So to further distract ourselves from thoughts of the up coming game, we are going to pack some gear and head to the Arnold Arboretum to see if I can get some more shots before the rain comes.






Well…it turned out to be a pretty nice day for snowshoeing! There was no wind and a good fleece was all we needed for the outing. The temperature was warm enough that the snow packed well and made it easy to walk up and down the hills.

The light was odd and kept shifting around. We couldn’t really get a good white point set. By 11AM the conditions had started to change from snow to sloppy flakes. We decided it was time to wrap things up before it turned to rain. Still, the walk got the blood moving and we ended up with some shots that were keepers….not a bad morning 🙂

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