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Azio Bluetooth Keyboard

The  iPad tablet is great for a lot of things. But if you want to create long emails, write articles, or do lots of typing, it might disappoint. We wrote in the past that our StowAway keyboard works fine with the iPad. The StowAway is great for traveling, but not for prolonged typing. We’ve been looking around for possible alternatives. Apple has two options (wireless keyboard, keyboard w/dock) for the iPad, but at over $70, they were a bit pricey.

Fortunately, third-party options are starting to appear. One of them is the Azio Wireless Bluetooth keyboard. With its aluminum face, rubberized keys, and low profile, the less expensive Azio keyboard is almost identical to the Apple version.

The Azio keyboard uses two AAA batteries (included). We, of course, always opt for the rechargeable eneloops wherever standard batteries are required. We like the eneloops both for their long run-time and durability.

Making the Bluetooth connection was as simple as claimed on the packaging. All we did was switch on the keyboard, activated the Bluetooth on the iPad, and clicked “OK.” The typing test confirmed a functioning connection.

The iHolder/Azio keyboard combo was a lot nicer to have around than we thought. If you are thinking of getting a dedicated keyboard for your iPad setup, the Azio is a fine alternative to the higher priced Apple options.

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