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RainyDayMagazine Treasure Hunt  
 January 01, 2006

Since you did find you way here... it seems only fitting there should be some kind reward for your efforts.  So here are a few exclusive RainyDayMagazine discount codes for you to use until the end of the holiday shopping season.

Exclusive RainyDayMagazine Discount Codes:
1. Gamila Teastick:  $18 each/ $30 for two... Ask for “RainyDayMagazine discount” (919.834.3552x207) or ask for Ty
2. Soda Club USA: $20 discount on their website... Promo code = RAINYDAY


Want to win some FREE GEAR? Every month, there will be a treasure hunt for one of the product we reviewed.  This treasure hunt is opened to all readers, but Premier Subscribers will get email notification of the posting of the clues. 

The clues will be posted on three different day during the course of the month.  The clues will be embedded into image on the RainyDayMagazine site.

One of the clues will ALWAYS be embedded in a product being reviewed in that current month... so look at the photos carefully.  There may also be "hints" in the review article, so read the reviews carefully as well :-)

When combined, they will reveal a date.  The product reviewed on that date is the item we are giving away!

When you figure out the item, put the solution in the "Subject" line of an email and send it to us.  In the body of the email, send us all the clues that got you to the solution.  The first person to send us email with the location of ALL the clues and the correct solution is the winner.  All others will be automatically deleted by the sorting program.

The winner will be announced on the 1st of the month.  Sign up for the Premier Subscription now and be automatically included in the mailings!


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