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Welcome to the Reviews section of RainyDaySports...

We hope reading about these projects will keep you entertained on a "rainy day". We also hope you will learn some stuff you can use when the sun is back out. Take a look around, find something that interests you, and keep yourself busy until the weather clears... it always does :-)

RainyDaySports is new for 2006... the sections will fill out over time. Send us email on products you would like see reviewed!


Disclaimer:  The projects shown are for entertainment purposes ONLY.  We make NO CLAIMS to the accuracy or safety of the instructions in these projects.  Proceed at your OWN RISK!!!!
Aikido ...
Folded Blade   Japanese Katana   Tameshigiri  
Tavo Gloves   Sword Seminar   Words of Power   Spring Gasshuku
Shobu in Somerville   First Class   Digital Aikido   Demo in Somerville
Aikido   Beginner's Program   Fall Gasshuku   Winter Gasshuku
Biking ...
Kryptonite Legend   Free Wheelin   Kryptonite ID kit   StrongHold Anchor
Xena XV Cable   Xena Anchor   Kryptonite   Xena DiscLock
Bike-O-Vision     CamelBak Lobo   Free Wheelin   Nalgene FireFly
Running ...
Tavo Gloves   Kuru Kinetic   180s TechStretch   ScotteVest SEV
Adidas Kumasi XCR   YakTrax   180s ExoLite Ti   180s Training Gloves
small product photo   small product photo    
180 Ear Cover   180 Gloves   Mortise Glasses   UnderArmour
Amphibian Case   Otter iPhone Case        
AquaSphere   AquaPac   H2Audio   HydroOptix Mega 4.5
Hiking ...
LED Lenser M7RX   550 Paracord   Mithril Kevlar   Raen Optics
ThermaCELL   Summer Colors   CRKT Flux   PocketTweez
Contrast Lenses   Wild Colors   Visionary Lenses   CRKT
Julbo Zulu   Timex E-Compass   ColdAvenger Mask   Oakley lens swap
Aeronaut   BeyondFleece   Brunton Echo   Nalgene FireFly
Tavo Gloves   Kombi Backcountry   180s ExoLite Ti   Dunham Waffle
Tubbs Adventure25   Adidas Kumasi XCR   CamelBak Lobo   YakTrax
Columbia Vertex   UnderArmour   LumaRay FL12   eXplorist 500 GPS
small product photo      
Keen Taos   TerraTech   KataBag   AdventurePlus
small product photo      
SolarRoll   LumaRay FL6   SureFire   ApeCase
Yoga/Boxing ...
Philips Light   Jade Yoga Mats        
Yogitoes   HuggerMugger   Workout mats   Heavy Bag
Outings ...
Winter2006-Gear   Winter2006-Drive Up   Winter2006-Inn   Winter2006-Hike
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