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Welcome to the RainyDayScience...

We hope reading about these projects will keep you entertained on a "rainy day". We also hope you will learn some stuff you can use when the sun is back out. Take a look around, find something that interests you, and keep yourself busy until the weather clears... it always does :-)

RainyDayScience is new for 2008... the sections will fill out over time. We are going to have some long projects and some quick projects.  Come back often to check on the progress!  Send us email on workshops ideas if you don't see it here!


Disclaimer:  The projects shown are for entertainment purposes ONLY.  We make NO CLAIMS to the accuracy or safety of the instructions in these projects.  Proceed at your OWN RISK!!!!
Star Globe   World Science Fest   Newton Principia    
Wedge Install   HyperStar   Starlight Xpress   Celestron C6 OTA
Peterson Install   Astro Tech Today   Macro Opps   Mettler Wedge
2045 Remounting   Telescope Finders   Camera Mount   Peterson Mount
HoTech SCA   StarDate GPS   AstroAimer   Meade DSI
LX200 GPS Scope   Meade accessories   StarFinder   FeatherTouch
Hyperspace   Wicked LaserFinder   ASGT Accessories   Cosmos
Digital Astrophoto   Astrophotograhy   Hugo Tube Assembly   Covington PAA
Scope Fitting   Elegant Universe   $3 Laser Mount   Pelican Case
Hayden Planetarium   Wicked Lasers   Hugo Telescope   Orion EZFinder II
Celestron C8   Reflectors   Astronomy Hacks   Illustrated Guide
Hydros Purifier   Restore Purifier   AquaPure   Reptiles
MSR Miox   Vanderbilt Museum   Bird Watching   Digital Microscopes
ZeroWater   Grow Your Own   Seed Starter   Tomato Planting
Macro Bellows   Macro Setup   Macro photos   Backyard Biotech
DailyCare Monitor   Carson Naviscope   Brando Microscope   North AM Birds
Meade CaptureView   Magic Wings   MindSpa   World Birds
Fractals   Museum Tech        
Manga Guide   HiTech Comics   Manga Molec Bio   irrational Clock
Tricycle   Color Zome   Zome   Evil Genius
ThinkBlocks   Stuff Exploded   CyberCube   HeadFirst Physics
WildPlanet TrekPak   Color Zome   Zome   Evil Genius
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