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Gear & Gadgets...newest tech to keep you on the edge!

In this section , we'll highlight, test, and review gear that we find interesting...hopefully you will as well! Most of the time, the reviews will be of items that will help you get more out of your travels as well as you time at home. If you have something that you think others will like to know about...drop us a line!


ClearStream C1   iPhone Dev   Astound Surround   OtterBox Defender
LiveScribe Pulse   Navigon GPS   ClearStream   Bubble Tree
Navigon 7200T   SpyVideo ATV   HeadFirst Physics   CyberCube
SkeleFlex   Solar Tester   Tough Tools   ASGT Accessories
Eneloop TravelPak   Handpresso Wild   Amazon Kindle   WickedLaser Finder
Boxster Litronics   Oxygen Sensor   Rocky Nook   iPod Battery
Wiring 123   Handpresso Wild   Xena XV Cable   Xena Anchor
Nikon Remote   CoolStuffExploded   HyperSpace   Kryptonite
Xena DiscLock   Elgato EyeTV   Liquid Stainless   Feynman lectures
PersonalBrain   Lensbaby case   Advantium Oven   Jade Yoga Mats
Earth Shelter   Casio Exilim EX-F1   BlueAnt ST3 & Z9   Lensbaby 3G
Iomega UltraMax   SunPak PZ42X   Brunton Solo   BodyGuardz
iRocks X Slim   Angles & Demons   Fiskars pruners   La Fresh
Tire Tote   MiracleGro LiquaFeed   Nikon SB400   GPS Mirror
Camera Armor Black   Kata E-690 cover   CarMD   Orbit XL-Stream
Navigon 2100Max   Camera Armor   Pop-up Shade   Kata T-212 Sling
Beletsky Bird Songs   Built Porter / Cargo   HK Go+Play   Drive+Play 2
180s TechStretch   Civilian Lab   Skeletool   HydroOptics
OSX Leopard   Altec Lansing T612   Nikon D40   Lexar SD 4GB
Monitor Mount   Covington PAA   RamJet memory   LapWorks Attache
OXO Luau   OXO DemiGlow   Western Traveler   ThinkBlocks
DirtDevil KRUZ   StealthSurfer   Covington   Seip
Invisio G5   Xyron Fonts   Otter iPhone Case   TrafficMaster
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