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In this section , we'll highlight, test, and review gear that we find interesting...hopefully you will as well! Most of the time, the reviews will be of items that will help you get more out of your travels as well as you time at home. If you have something that you think others will like to know about...drop us a line!


RazrWire   Saitek Keyboard   DiskGo 2.5   inMotion iM500
YES Zulu   Brando MP3 glasses   BlueAnt SuperTooth   Jabra Speakerphone
Altec Lansing FX6021   BlueAnt BlueSonic   FL6 2006   O ROKR
PlayAway books   Plantronics   nanoTune   GrandScale
Sonic SuperTAmp   Saitek Headphones   Motorola RAZR   Speck RAZR cases
Plustek CardScanner   iRocks FlashReader   ThermoHawk   StressEraser
iSkin Duo   C6 Carbon Fiber   Soldius Solar pack   H2Audio
XPower   3M Privacy Shield   Kata S-312   HardBody Pro
SanDisk miniSD   MPX220 SmartPhone   CoPilot SmartPhone   Logitech WMS
BackpackCAM   NeurosCAM   ADS MiniDriveKit   Seagate Barracuda
Belkin Bluetooth   Logitech mm28   Neuros MPEG-4 R2   iRocks Keyboard
"Good Enough"Gear...discontinued tech that still rock!
I was looking around at all the gear and technology in my office and it hit me... some of the stuff that I use every day are more than 3 years old.  That's ancient measured in "tech time".  However, most of it is still quite useful and really not old enough to warrant replacing. 

I thought it might be interesting to start a series of articles to highlight some of the more noteworthy examples of discontinued but still useful tech. I will be posting the articles here that will show you how to make the most of what you already have or to pick up some great tech at rock bottom prices!



  G3 Drive Upgrade   G3 External Drive   G3 RAM Upgrade

iPaq/Navman GPS

  Apple G3 / OS-X   Sony Vaio / WinME   Broken Hinge Fix
SID '05   Macworld Boston 05
  DigitalLife NYC '05
  Apple Burlington

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