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Electronics reprints of all archived articles are available for purchase.  The cost per reprint is $2.50  We accept payment via PayPal.

Please click on the image of reprint you would like or send reprint requests and PayPal payment to: Reprints@RainyDayMagazine.com

Reprints will be sent electronically to the buyer's PayPal address...please make sure it is current :-)

NOTE: If you purchase 4 reprints in the same order, the 5th is FREE!

Archived Articles... Gear&Gadgets
InvisibleShield   InvisibleShield Up   InvisibleShield 2   iKeychain
ConvertXPVR   EyeTV Software   Recording TV   Watch TV on iPaq
Archived Articles... RainyDayGarage
BenchTest   Mount Controller   Drive+Play Install   FirstUse
Screen Check   Screen Calibration   Screen Installation   Installation Test
Speaker Construction   Speaker Installation   Boxster Brakes   Boxster iPod Install
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