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July 15,2013- LED Lenser FirstLook...

We have quite a few flashlights (LumaRay FL-6, FL-12, Surefire, U2 Ultra, TigerLight) and they get used more than one would think. While we like them, use them, and there are a lot of different flashlights on the market, we don't review them too often. However, when we come across a vendor or a unit worth talking about, we are all over it. A few months back, a reader told us that we should check out the LED Lenser M7RX. We took a look and the M7RX was something we thought our readers might find interesting.

LED LENSER was founded by two brothers (Rainer and Harald Opolka) in Germany in 1994. When LED technology started becoming mainstream, the Leatherman Tool Group acquired the company in 2011. Yup, the same company that created the Skeletool, one of our favorite multi-tool. We think it was a smart move and hope the pairing will prove to be synergistic.

Today's flashlights have gone digital. The days of a simple cylinder, a light bulb, and a couple of batteries are no more. LED technology has made the flashlight longer-lasting, lower in power consumption, and much more rugged. However, that is not the limit of how much further a digital flashlight can go. LED LENSER has taken the next step. By incorporating a microprocessor into the M7RX, they have made it possible to control a rechargeable LED flashlight in ways not possible with mechanical means. It is amongst one of the most technologically sophisticated flashlights on the market today. We will have more about its capabilities in our FirstUse article, but suffice to say that one can expect some pretty interesting features from a flashlight with a brain.

The M7RX kit comes with the following in the case:

  • LED flashlight
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • 360º clip, lanyard
  • Wall mount

The body of the M7RX is made from T6016 aluminum. We were not able to get much info on this particular grade of aluminum, but the casing is anodized (type II, 20 micron thickness) to provide corrosion and wear resistance. The lens is made using polymethyl metacrylate (PMMA). Users may know it as Plexiglas/Lucite/Perspex. PMMA is a transparent thermoplastic, often used as a light and shatter-resistant alternative to glass.

The unit is powered by one Li-ion battery (Type -ICR18650). The flashlight can give off light for 1.5 hours at full brightness of 600 Lumens or last for as long as 8.5 hours at 85 Lumens.

According to LED LENSER, only their ICR18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries may be used in the M7RX flashlight. The reason offered is that the battery has a special contact design which, in combination with protection circuitry, offers better safety and performance. We are always skeptical of these types of claims as the battery looked pretty standard, but will do more research to verify.

The battery came with with a bit of charge, but we thought we would give it a full charge before using it. While a full charge can take up to 6.5 hours, topping it off took about an hour. Note that there is no need to take the battery out of the flashlight. The charger has a magnetic contact (same idea as Apple's charger for their Macbook laptops) so it just grabs on to the butt of the flashlight when placed into the holder. A light illuminates when contact is made to give the status of the charging operation.

  • Red - charging
  • Green - fully charged
  • Flashing Green - pre-charge diagnostic
  • Flashing Red - error

The M7RX is equipped with what LED LENSER terms Smart Light Technology (SLT). The LED's level and the various light modes are micro-processor controlled. Using a single button, the user can activate the light, control the output, and select amongst the different modes. The button at the end of the flashlight is used to turn the device ON and OFF and to choose between the different modes.

  • Light Modes : Pro, Easy, Tactical
  • Energy Management Modes : Energy Saving, Constant Light

The M7RX has a lens in front of the LED. Moving the head of the flashlight forward or backward will adjust the width of the beam. Turning the head of the flashlight to the left will lock the adjustment in place. Quick. Simple. Easy to use.

While mechanically easy to use, the Smart Light Technology (SLT) gives the user options not available with traditional flashlights. The SLT allows the user to decide how much power to use in various situations. Sometimes it is necessary to have constant power for the light. Other times it makes sense to conserve energy. Whatever the requirement, there is a setting available for it.

There is a lot to the LED LENSER M7RX. We will run through all of its features and capabilities in the M7RX's FirstUse write-up. Look for it before the end of the month. [Permalink] - LED LENSER M7RX FirstLook





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