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May 5, 2011- Peterson Engineering's Get-A-Grip...

What is the best way of pickup a telescope that's the size of a keg of beer? Bear hugging it is our typical approach. While the mounting assistant makes it easy to secure on the tripod, carrying the body around is both uncomfortable and unwieldy. When we saw Peterson Engineering's Get-A-Grip at NEAF, we knew it was something we wanted add to our 10" LX200 GPS scope.

Pete Peterson created the Get-A-Grip handles for the 12" and bigger Meade LX series of telescopes. The handles are direct replacements for those that come with the large scopes. For those who want to add these handles to scopes 10" or smaller, mounting holes must be drilled. To make it easy, Peterson Enginnering included all of the pieces (stainless steel screws, nuts, drill bit) required for the DIY project, but obviously cannot be responsible for the results.

We receive our kit a few days ago. The angle of the grip is comfortable and natural in the palm. The handles are made from solid aluminum, painted black, and are load-rated at over 200 lbs/handle. Can't wait to get started on this project. We will have the write-up of the installation of these Get-A-Grip handles later in the month. [Permalink] -Get-A-Grip FirstLook


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