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Feb 4, 2011- Handpresso Outdoor Set...

Once in a while an item gets put aside and, for one reason or another, never makes it back on to the review schedule. Last March, we posted a preview of the Handpresso Outdoor Set, and promised a FirstLook of the kit in the Spring. However, we never actually followed up on that promise. Today, we aim to rectify that oversight.

We first reviewed (FirstLook/FirstUse) the Handpresso Wild in 2008. This portable espresso maker enables anyone to make rich delicious espresso and is light (476g) and compact enough (22x10x7 cm) to take anywhere. The pump itself can generate up to 16 bar of pressure. The water reservoir is large enough to hold about 50 ml of water. Along with the Handpresso Wild, we also picked up two polycarbonate cups and a thermo-formed EVA stiff case. This bundle is easy to toss into a weekend bag or a picnic basket.

The outdoor set takes the idea of being able to enjoy cafe-quality espresso one step further:anytime/anywhere. This elegant kit contains everything needed to make espresso on-the-go:

  • 1 Handpresso Wild E.S.E.,
  • 4 unbreakable cups,
  • 300ml thermo-insulated flask in stainless steel,
  • 2 small napkins

Let's take a closer FirstLook at this case. Like the carrying case for the Handpresso Wild, the exterior of the Outdoor Set case is thermo-formed EVA for shock-absorption. For ease of carrying, there is a handle and a shoulder strap. The cover has pockets for holding items such as coffee packs, sugar packets, etcs... To keep everything in its place, the body of the case is custom-molded for its content. A sturdy strap snaps in place and secures everything during transport.

The only problem with a portable espresso maker is where to get the hot water for making the drink. For the Handpresso-packing hikers and backpackers, boiling the water with an open fire or a camping stove would be the obvious solution. But what about us city folks? Handpressos's answer is the portable insulated canister. Included in this Outdoor Set is very handsome insulated stainless steel thermos with the capacity(300ml) to carry enough hot water to make 6 cups of espresso.

The Handpresso Outdoor Set is perfect for the urban hiker. We PROMISE we will have a FirstUse review of this kit in the Spring iPad issue of RainyDayKitchen. Look for it in the App Store around mid-April. [Permalink] - Handpresso Outdoor Set FirstLook


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