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Nov 10,2010- BlueTrek Duo...

Our headsets have been silently proliferating behind our back. One set was for our iPod. Another set was for our cell phone when we drive with the top down. A third set was for...well, we don't actually know why we have it, but it seems to be in our bag. Anyway, the point is many of our devices have audio capabilities and they all seem to require a set of headphones.

We decided to look around to see if we could find a set of Bluetooth headphones which would work with all of our devices and free us from being tethered to them. After a bit of searching, BlueTrek's Duo bubbled to the top of the list. The Duo is a set of Bluetooth-enabled stereo headphones which satisfied all of our audio needs. It is a mono in-ear headset which can be easily converted to a pair of stereo headphones.

The Duo is iPhone 3.0 A2DP stereo compatible. It supports Bluetooth-enabled computers for VoIP calling, such as Skype. A great feature for use with laptops while on the road. The Duo has six user-selectable equalizer settings to enhance audio experience: Pop, Rock, True bass, Jazz, Classic and basic effects. The complete kit came with wall/car charger and various ear hooks/earbuds.

We have been using the duo with our cell phone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad. The Duo works great with all of these devices. The sound is clean and clear. The wireless connection last all day (6 hrs of continous talk/4 hrs of continuous music). Best part of all, the Duo is so light that it is easy to forget we even around the neck. Go ahead. Make your life a little simpler. Get yourself a set of BlueTrek Duo and cut the cord, but not the connection, between you and your gadgets. [Permalink] -BlueTrek Duo

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