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OK... we didn't think these googles would be any fun when we first got them, but once again we were wrong!  The Spy Vision Goggles are not "night vision" googles in the sense they don't amplifiy light like those used by SWAT.  They do project their own light when properly "activated".

The lens are made of plastic.  They are tinted in a way that do work well on "cloudy" days.  They are NOT made of the kind of plastic that will protect the wearer against impacts...in other words, don't use them as eye protection.

The lens does have these really cool etchings on them and when lit, have this really awesome glow effect :-)

The LED lights are hidden in two separate chambers on the side.  The googles will accommodate a variety of head sizes due to the elastic band and the sponge padding .

To "release" the lights from the chamber, just press the orange buttons on the side.  The lights will slowly slide out to the front.  To "retract" the lights, just push them back until they click into place.

The lights are powered by 4 AAA batteries stored in container at the rear of the goggles.  The battery compartment is a little heavy and will pull on the elastic band if not fitted properly.

To see what these Spy Vision Goggles looks like when activated... go here.



Wild Planet

Spy Vision Goggles

By Wan Chi Lau

Who wouldn't want to see when it is dark out?  What could be better than popping out the hidden flashlight when you are lost in the ....

In this FirstLook review, we'll take a look at the Wild Planet Spy Vision goggles and how it works.  In the FirstUse review, we'll head out in the dark and see if we can find our way around! 


1. First Look

2. First Use

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- LED lights

Usability- Bright

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $15


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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