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The yoga arm balance, crow, has been evading you a long time.  But today, the stars have aligned.  As you place your hands down on your mat, you feel centered and strong.  You tighten your core, lift you legs, and you are soaring in the most perfect arm balance you have ever attempted.  You are a vision and you think, all is right with the world.  Then suddenly your hand slips.  A slippery mat defeats you, and your perfect crow is no more.

Well, Yogitoes has found the solution, The Yogitoes Skidless Towel.  This towel is placed under your hands and small “grippers” hold it in place to dash any fears of slipping.  I was hooked with my first use.  Being a girl who sweats, no “glistening” or “glowing” for me, wet mats have been a problem.  With the skidless towel, I felt very secure in my hand placement for every down dog, chataranga, and arm balance.

For this review, I used the small size towel.  While it did bunch up slightly towards the end of class, I expect the full mat-size skidless to not have this problem.  I was easily able to carry the skidless product along with my yoga mat and towel to class, finding it very portable.  And after class the cleanup with disinfectant spray was effortless, the Yogitoes shiny and ready for its next use.  Overall, I found the Yogitoes skidless towel to be a welcome addition to my yoga experience.  It fully allowed me to concentrate on the moment, finding my center, not my towel position.




By Melissa Marion

The practice of yoga stretches back for thousands of years.  Its popularity in the US has surged in recent years due to both a recognition of yoga's various health benefits as well as innovative gear that make the practice more effective.

Yogitoes is a company which is at the forefront of innovative yoga gear. 

Gear that really work are usually designed by folks that really use them. Yogitoes gear is no different.  The products were conceived by it founder, Susan Nichols, after slipping on a mat. 

Wishing for a product that would absorb sweat as well as provide non-skid functionality led Nichols to develop a towel instead of a mat... an "insight" which only comes when passion is combined with an unbounded mind.

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- nice feel

Usability- stays put

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $20 - $50




Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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