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This new Nalgene product is called "Swift".  It's mainly geared toward cyclists, much liked the CamelBak Lobo.  There are some difference (magnetic valve clip, insulated container compartment, etc...) when compared to the Lobo.

The magnetic catch is a nice usability addition as it make stowing the drinking tube a simple one-handed operation.  The most notable is the clear water level window for checking how much liquid remains.

There is an access pocket at the bottom right side of the pack.  This pocket gave access to the connector of the drink tube and the bladder.  The drink tube's can be disconnected from the main water bladder without removing the tube from the pack.  This feature made it much easier to remove the large water bladder.

The water pouch has the usual wide cap for quick filling and easy cleaning.  The cap is tethered and spoked for easy opening.

The storage compartment of the Nalgene Swift is large enough for some small items (notepad, map, IDs, keys, etc...).   Larger items such as a jacket may be tied to the cord on the outside of the pack.

As with other products inspired by ones already on the market, the Swift hydration pack took what works and made evolutionary improvements to it to make it even better.  The Swift's additions appeared to be a well conceived and should make the pack a great piece of gear to have on the road.  We are looking forward to taking it out for it FirstUse!  We will also have more to say about its "night visibility" features in a future write-up.





By Wan Chi Lau

Some of us had a previous life in the world of biotech so the name Nalgene was quite familiar to us. When we started seeing the same name pop up in the outdoors and fitness magazines, we weren't surprised. Their expertise in strong polycarbonate containers was a natural fit. We are happy to report that Nalgene has decided to extend their product line into other areas of outdoors related hydration.

In this FirstLook, we will take a closer look at the features of the Swift.

For the FirstUse report, we'll take the Swift with us on various outings to see how well it performs. We'll be using it all Summer.  Check back in the Fall for the InTheWild report.


1. First Look

2. First Use

3. In The Wild Report


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Well designed

Usability- insulated bladder

Durability- 2 year warranty

Price- $50



Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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