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The Dunham Waffle Stomper Paramount boot had all of the looks and styling of classic hiking boots.  We loved the metal lace loops and eye hooks.  We especially loved the bright red laces :-)

Although the look of the the Dunham Waffle Stomper Paramount boots may be classic, the materials used are state of the art.  There is no stitching on the seams around the Dunham (old boot on the right, new on the left).  The seams are completely sealed and waterproof.  The smooth leather upper is waterproof, thinner, and softer to minimize break-in time and decrease weight.

The sole extends over the front of the boot for increase traction.  The rear of the boot has an external heel support for added stability.

The old Wasatch had an all leather interior.  While this was great for durability, it did leave something to be desired in the breathability and moisture control departments.  It also took about 3 weeks to break the boots in...which was a boon to companies that make MoleSkin and BandAids.

The Dunham boot's interior is made of synthetic materials.  Much of the technology of this boot is in the design of the "fit."  The footbed uses a Dunham shock absorption technology called ABZORB.  Go here to read more about the details regarding Dunham's footwear technologies.

The tongue design is similar to that of a ski boot.  Unlike the old style, it is not completely open.  The outer flap closes over the tongue to form a seal against the elements.  The flap also helps distribute the pressure from the laces.

It was interesting to note that Switzerland actually made and exported boots at one point in their past.  Like most clothing and footwear, the new Dunham boots are now made by high quality manufacturers in the Far East. 

However, the material, technology, and designs are still from companies we have known and trusted.  The company known for its durable sole is Vibram.  Time has taken its toll on the old boot's label, but one cannot mistake the Vibram yellow on the new boot.

On the left are the classic Vibram thread patterns.  On the right are the new Waffle design. 

It will be interesting to see how well this pattern performs on different surfaces (snow, dirt, rock, etc...) and how long it lasts.  I guess we'll know in another 30 years or so :-)




Waffle Stomper Paramount

By Wan Chi Lau

We bought our first pair of hiking boots back in 1977.  Hey, not everybody here at RainyDayMagazine is us under 30... some of us are old school. 

It was a pair of Wasatch and it was made in Switzerland for Eastern Mountain Sports.  We bought it mostly to deal with the winters in Ithaca NY.

Fast forward to 2006 and the upcoming RainyDaySports Winter Outing.  We thought since we were going to test out some new snowshoes from Tubbs, we might as well check out some new boots.  Not that there were anything wrong with our 29 year-old boots, but we thought maybe we would see if there have been any improvements since then :-)

We wanted to find something that had the same classic look.  We found a pair of Dunham Waffle Stomper Paramount boots that were similar to the 30 year old boots... but with some design and material improvements!

In this FirstLook review, we'll compare and contrast the features of the old and new.

In the FirstUse review, we'll tell you about how well they performed in the Winter Outing.


1. First Look

2. FirstUse

3. In The Wild


Review Summary:

Initial Impression - Classic looks

Usability - Updated features

Durability - We guess 30 years :-)

Price - $140


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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