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The Bike-O-Vision folks currently have 12 different "rides" in their library.  Many of them are of the beautiful Pacific North and Southwest (Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California).  There are also some from Europe and the Caribbean.  What a great idea to make a product of wherever you happen to have gone for vacation!

The first DVD we looked at was a ride through Washington State (or parts thereof). It contained footage is mostly from the point of view of the "rider".  Once in a while, the "rider" would "look up" at some of the passing local landmarks.  The shots are very steady and the pace was comfortable.  Most of the scenes had minimal traffic.  There is a music soundtrack for the entire ride so there is no road or traffic noise.

We only took screen shots of the "journeys" but if you want to experience a virtual ride, you can Try-a-"Ride" at the Bike-O-Vision site.

The second ride we looked at was a trip to and through some of the gorgeous mountain roads of California's Yosemite National Park.

If you are stuck indoors this winter because of severe weather and want to squeeze a few more miles out of you work out on the bike or treadmill, we think these DVDs may be just the thing! 

Speaking of getting a "few more miles" out of a workout.  We do have one great user story to share with you regarding these DVDs. 

A staff member bought his mother a DVD player for Christmas.  She is 72 years old and she rides a stationery bike a few miles every day for exercise.  So he brought these Bike-O-Vision DVDs home for for her to try.  On the very first day, she rode the bike for 12 miles before she realized it.  She has continued to ride over 10 miles a day since!  It took her mind off the riding as she focused on looking at the scenery!

We recently ordered her the Super-Saver 4 Pack #1... just to make sure she has a little variety :-)




VR Bike Rides

By Wan Chi Lau

Getting enough exercise in the winter time can be a challenge.  Motivating ourselves to do "something" when the weather outside is a mess is not that easy.

We found some wonderful scenic diversions created by the folks at Bike-O-Vision which should help us stay on the training cycles a few extra miles this winter :-)

In this review, we take a quick look through the DVDs and check out the various scenes.

We also gave the DVDs to a few folks to see if they make indoor training sessions any more enjoyable.


1. First Look/FirstUse

2. In The Wild Report


Review Summary:

Initial Impression - Well shot footages

Usability - Steady pace

Durability -

Price- $15/DVD or $40 for 4


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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