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The Craftsman Laser Trac Level Combo Kit comes with a laser level, red safety glasses, and metal mounting plates for different levelling situations.  The entire kit is housed in a foam fitted zippered case.

The laser is red, and to enhance the visibility of the beam, a pair of red safety glasses are included: the red laser beam will stand out more clearly when you wear them. These glasses are NOT for protecting the eyes FROM the laser. So don't be stupid, never look directly into the source of the laser beam.

The Laser Trac Level is powered by two AA batteries.  We use rechargeables, but any good alkaline AA will do fine.  Unless you use this device all the time, it is probably best to remove the batteries while the unit is not in use. 

Built into the top are two bubble indicators to help in leveling the unit.  There are also several different mounting plates (tripod, wall) for different levelling situation.

The tripod mount is actually made of two separate plates.  The bottom plate has a center hole for attaching to a tripod.  The top plate has three adjustment screws for fine tuning the Laser Trac Level.

The Laser Trac Level has a magnetic base for easy attachment and removal.  There is also a guide pin on the plate and notches on the front and back of the level to enable quick alignment of the laser to the base.

The Laser Trac Level can also be directly attached to a stud or drywall.  The Wall Mount base has six steel pins built into the bottom. 

The pins are normally retracted into the base, but pushing on the red buttons will force them to protrude out the back.  A black plastic piece is included in the kit specifically for pushing the pins.

As with the tripod mounting plate, the wall mount also has a guide pin for quick alignment.

We liked what we saw in this FirstLook of the Craftsman Laser Trac Level.  The tool appears to be extremely well made and quite versatile.  We are eager to get this set up and see it in action.  Check back in a few weeks for our First Use report.



Laser Trac Level

By Wan Chi Lau

Everybody has heard of Craftsman, especially for their pliers, wrenches, and automotive tools.  Craftsman has been quietly adding "appropriate" high technologies to their tools for the past few years...especially with lasers.

We have been using their gear for years now and we recently added their Laser Trac Level to our collection of Craftsman tools. 

The Laser Trac Level is fantastic if you are doing major renovations, but it is also great just for getting all the picture frames around the room to line up :-)

In the FirstLook review, we will take a look at what comes in the case. 

In the FirstUse use review, we'll see how easy it is to set up and to use to straighten a few photos on the wall.

For the InTheWild report, we'll see how useful it is in a major RainyDay Renovation project.

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Cool!

Usability- Wall mount or Free standing

Durability- Craftsman...enough said.

Price- $40


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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