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The Dremel kit came with three fully stocked boxes of tips, discs, pads, and wheels.  Each box has a varied combination of these accessories.  In total, there were 90 pieces of accessories that came with the kit.

Cutting is one of the often used functions of a rotary tool.  The Dremel can cut in a variety of ways: using cutting disc, a rotary bit, or a straight blade.  The cutting disc and rotary bit can be attached directly to the rotary too, but in order to use a straight cutting blade, the MultiSaw attachment must be used in combination with the rotary tool.

Grinding is another task perfect for a rotary tool. There is actually a dizzying number of grinding bits available and Dremel has included a representative sample in this kit.  The tips comes in all sizes and shapes (cones, wheels, balls, discs, etc...).

A few tips for polishing are also included in the kit.  The fiber tips are for use with polishing pastes or compounds.  The nylon and wire brushes are for removing coarser particles (rust, tar, etc...)

Like the grinding accessories, the sanding grit comes in different sizes.  Unlike the grinding bits, the surface is replaceable when worn.  The sanding drum is a small rubber insert with a screw for attaching the sanding tube to the rotary tool.  When the screw is tightened, it expands the rubber, which pushes out and secures the tube.  To replace the sanding tube, just loosen the screw and slip the tube out.

The carving and engraving tips are for projects such as glass etching, routing small channels, and sculpting details.  They can be attached directly onto the rotary tool or onto the flexible shaft for more precise control.

Here is the color key for the various accessories' function:

1. Red = Cutting

2. Yellow = Cleaning/Polishing

3. Green = Grinding/Sharpening

4. Purple = Sanding

5. Pink = Carving/Engraving

We will have to reorganize the various accessories so they form a more logical grouping.  It would be less confusing to put all the carving tips into one box, all the polishing wheels into another, etc...

I guess that is why Dremel includes the option to make your own bins.  We will have to find some high density foam so we can make our own bit holders.  Who are you calling a neat freak? We are just tidy :-)



400 XPR Rotary Tool

By Wan Chi Lau

Dremel is a name folks have associated with high-quality rotary tools ever since we can remember.

They have put together a rotary tool kit that has a large collection of tips and attachments useful for all kinds of applications. We thought it would be perfect for our RainyDayMagazine readers so we got a unit to see just what comes in the kit and what can be done with it.

In the FirstLook review, we will see what came in the box.  Since this toolkit is so extensive, we've decided to divided the FirstLook review into a few parts:

FirstLook Reviews:

1. Overview

2. Attachments

3. Tips

For the FirstUse reviews, we will try four different projects, each designed to exercise a different capability.

FirstUse Reviews:

1. Polishing

2. Cutting

3. Routing

4. Planing

For the InTheWild reports, we'll report on how the different attachments performed as we use it in the various RainyDay Renovation projects in 2006.

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Self-contained

Usability- Amazing flexibility

Durability- 5 year warranty.

Price- $250


NOTE:  It is VERY IMPORTANT to wear eye protection when using a rotary tool.  Just Do It.

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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