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The XPR Rotary Tool is a versatile piece of equipment.  In the other segments, we looked at the basic kit and the various bits.  In this article, we'll take a closer look at the main unit and some of the attachements which allows the tool to morph from a drill to a sander, a circle cutter, or even a planer.

The motor speed is adjustible from between 5,000 rpm to 35,000 rpm.  Enabling the user to select the right speed for the task is one of the secrets to the great versatility of the XPR.

The front of the tool is carefully shaped to allow for a comfortable grip.  The oval blue button is the "Shaft Lock" button.  Directly below it is the On/Off switch. 

Attachments for the XPR can be added directly to the tool.  At the base of the tip is the housing cap.  Removing the housing cap exposes the threads used in attaching extensions such as the flexible shaft.

The circle cutter

The cutting guide, and the planer

The XPR Rotary Tool can be converted into a multipurpose saw with the proper attachment. This MultiSaw extension uses standard jigsaw blades and can cut pretty much anything a regular jigsaw can cut.

Dremel knows from extensive experience and feedback from users that proper lighting is one of the keys to quality workmanship.  In designing the XPR system, they have added a conveniently placed detachable LED light on a flexible shaft, making it simple to see exactly what you are working on.

The first three parts of this series (overview, attachments, tips) gave a detailed look at the Dremel XPR 400 system.  There are lots of other attachments (plunge router,  grout remover, chain saw sharpener, etc...) available for the System.  We will not have time to cover them all here.

Our next series of articles will focus on actually using the XPR Rotary Tool for various tasks.  Check back with us soon.  Send us some email on questions you may have about this system.



400 XPR Rotary Tool

By Wan Chi Lau

Dremel is a name folks have associated with high-quality rotary tools ever since we can remember.

They have put together a rotary tool kit that has a large collection of tips and attachments useful for all kinds of applications. We thought it would be perfect for our RainyDayMagazine readers so we got a unit to see just what comes in the kit and what can be done with it.

In the FirstLook review, we will see what came in the box.  Since this toolkit is so extensive, we've decided to divided the FirstLook review into a few parts:

FirstLook Reviews:

1. Overview

2. Attachments

3. Tips

For the FirstUse reviews, we will try four different projects, each designed to exercise a different capability.

FirstUse Reviews:

1. Polishing

2. Cutting

3. Routing

4. Planing

For the InTheWild reports, we'll report on how the different attachments performed as we use it in the various RainyDay Renovation projects in 2006.

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Self-contained

Usability- Amazing flexibility

Durability- 5 year warranty.

Price- $250


NOTE:  It is VERY IMPORTANT to wear eye protection when using a rotary tool.  Just Do It.


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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