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We haven't dediced which color crests to use for the NoTurn Center project yet.  The gold color crests have a clear epoxy cover, the silver ones do not.  We are leaning toward using the gold ones. 

The issues we need to solve are how to anchor the crest to the bearing, the bearing to the wheel cover, and to keep the crest right side up :-)

The crest, since it has to rotate, unless someone can give us an alternative, will probably sit on top of the wheel cover.  Here is pic showing the relative thickness of the crest and the wheel cover. 

We plan on using our new Dremel Stylus for this project...how?  Check back in a week or so and we'll show ya :-)  As a small incentive to keep you thinking more about this project, we have a little something for the first person who can tell us what is wrong with the picture above.  We may also give a set of these crests away when we are done or we may just put them back on EBay...we'll see.

UPDATE:  We have decided to stop working on the "Always Up" version of these wheel crests as we can't seem to keep them from "flying off" at speed.  We may work on this again at some point, but for the moment...this is going to sit on the shelf unless we get some inspiration.  And yes...the Stylus is its charging stand backwards :-)


Porsche Boxster

Wheel Center Crests

By Wan Chi Lau

A set of Porsche Crest wheel centers would have set us back about $400.  If you are a long time RainyDayMagazine reader or you have seen our PVC Boxster speaker project, you KNOW we are NOT going to fork over that kind of cash... especially if it is something that can be made in our shop :-)

We knew there were 3rd party crests we available in parts stores and on EBay.  We just didn't know if they would be the right size.

After searching for a while, we decided the crests for the hood was too large, but the ones available for the steering wheel was good enough.  So we got a few to see if they would work for this project.

Usually we don't write things up until we are done, but we have been getting requests from you, our readers, to post the project as they progress... so here it is :-)  We'll update this project as we move forward.  Send us questions, comments and suggestion as you see fit.

Wheel Crest Project:

1. First Attempt

2. Blank wheel caps

3. Centering the crest

4. Always "Up Right" crests

Project parts:

1. Blank wheel caps: $28 for 10

2. Gold/Silver crests: $20 each

Total cost for a set of 4: $91.20

Note: we purchased the wheel caps and crests in larger quantities to save on shipping cost.  We could also have saved more money by buying the crests individually at auction on EBay, but who has time to monitor 8 auctions!  We got the first one at $20 and made an offer to buy 7 more at the same price.  You may be able to do better :-)  We were happy since the catalog price for these crests were $60 each!

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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