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The Xyron WishBlade Cutter (WB) comes with all the pieces (software CD, fonts on SD card, cutting blade, USB cable, instructions and power adapter) needed to get it up and running.  The connection is via a USB cable, so the computer you are going to connect it to must support this type connection.  If your computer is an older model (say, more than three years old), you may need an adapter card in order to use the WishBlade with it.

The following series of images show the individual pieces being unpacked from the box.  Most of the loose pieces, software, and cable are on the top layer.

The colorful pieces are the "sleeves" and "adapter" for the cutting blade.  The cutting mat is approximately 8"x12," much larger than that of the Xyron PCS.

This package comes with a set of fonts and shapes on an SD memory card.  We are not quite sure why they chose this format as there isn't any SD slot on the WishBlade.  We may know more after we installed the software.

To load the fonts, you will need to have an SD slot in your PC.  If you do not, you will need to get a media card reader (i-Rocks, Edge, etc...).  There are many on the market and most can be purchased for less than $20.  Some may be had for less than $5 on sale.

The software application is Windows only (98, ME, 2000, XP).  We hope there will be a Mac version in the future, but Xyron has not said whether this is part of their product plan.  There is probably a growing base of users who would prefer a Mac version...hint, hint :-)

The construction of the transport mechanism of the WishBlade appears to be made of very high-quality materials.  The rods and shelf are stainless steel.  The belt is made of rubber. The entire unit has a solid, well-made feel.

The connectors (USB, power) are on the right side of the machine.  This placement clears the path for the cutting mat...which will protrude out the rear of the machine.  The knob on the left side allows for fine control of the forward/backward movement of the cutting mat.

In our next installment of this review series, we'll take a look at the software installation process and the software application's feature set.




WishBlade Media Cutter

By Wan Chi Lau

Adding your own, tactile, touches to a card is one way to personalize a note or gift for someone.  Some of us are creative and dextrous enough to cut out patterns with scissors or an exact-o knife, but others of us could use a little help.

Xyron has created a machine called the Personal Cutting System to help with cutting patterns in different sizes on all kinds of materials.   

For scrapbookers and crafters craving more control and flexibility, Xyron has a versatile product called the WishBlade Personal Media Cutter.  It connects to a computer like a printer. In fact, think of it as a "printer" for craft patterns you want cut.

In this FirstLook review, we will examine the WishBlade cutter and all its parts.  In the other reviews, we'll walk through the software installation process and actually use the cutter for a 3-D popup card project.


1. FirstLook

2. Software Installation

3. FirstUse

4. Complicated Cuts

Note: Click on the images for a closer look.

Review Summary:

Initial Impression - Solid, printer size

Usability - PC required

Durability - test in progress

Price - $450


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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