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The Capresso EspressoPRO is a very compact unit, quite a bit smaller than the Keurig (which made the best tasting pod-based coffee in our tests).  The EspressoPRO is not a push-the-button get-an-espresso type of machine...although it comes pretty close to that.

It uses a steel coffee sieve just like the machines in your local coffee house.  The difference is the holder can accommodate a few different filters (regular ground coffee, pre-packaged pods), offering the convenience and variety of pods, but also enabling you to make strong espresso with good crema.

The machine was also designed to make cleanup a snap.  The drip tray and steel shelf come apart for easy cleaning.

There are only a few controls ...power/steam buttons on the side and flow control in the front.  The amount of flow is determined by how long the switch is on.  It is not predetermined like the pod-based machines.

The removeable water container can hold about 40 oz of water, but water can be added directly by lifting back the hinged lid.

We really like the overall look and design of this EspressoPRO unit.  The size and simplicity will allow it to fit in well with any decor.   We look forward to trying it out.




By Wan Chi Lau

The past few years many companies have introduced coffee makers which uses premeasured pods.  We have tested quite a few of them.  They make a reasonably good cup of coffee.  Their advantage is the wide variety of flavors and the convenience.

What we have not found was a machine which had the single cup convenience of a pod brewer and the rich flavor of the local coffee house...until we came upon  the Capresso EspressoPRO.

The EspressoPRO can use pods or regular grind coffee.  It can also make hot water for tea, hot chocolate, and Americano coffee.  There are also attachments for frothing milk directly into the cappuccino!

We'll take a closer look at this machine, which bridges the gap between easy-to-use single pod machines and the more complicated and higher maintenance espresso makers.


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Pods or sieves

Usability- 1 to 2 cups, 30 seconds

Durability- test in progress

Price- $250


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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