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July 27,2006 (Day41)

The AeroGrow herbs definitely take much longer before they are usable.  Herbs do take longer to grow and are meant to be used before they flower.  We are currently on Week6 and the folks in the RainyDayKitchen have used all of the herbs for something... including the mint for a few mojitos!  The dill never did sprout.  Hopefully we'll be able to have the garden going all Winter. 

July 8,2006 (Day22)

The purple basil is definitely the fastest grower by far.  It will start spreading into the "air space" of the other plants soon :-)

June 30,2006 (Day14)

Everything but the Dill have sprouted.  The growth of the basils continue to outpace all of the others.

June 23, 2006 (Day7)

We'll have to take the cover off bot of the basils tomorrow...they are starting to push to the top of their domes.  

June 20, 2006 (Day 4)

Both the Italian Basil and the Purple Basil have sprouted.

June 17, 2006 (Day 1)

The beads of moisture have collected on the inside of the domes after 24 hours.



AeroGarden Assembly

By Wan Chi Lau

Hydroponic gardening has been around for a long time.  Techniques and systems for growing plants in soil-less environments have been successfully created by amateur and professionals alike.

While the concepts and equipment necessary for a hydroponic garden is pretty simple to set up, it often quite industrial looking and definitely not something one would want in the kitchen.

AeroGrow has created a system that is both simple and attractive.

The AeroGarden was quick to assemble, easy to plant, and looks great anywhere in the house.

We will track the progress of the growth of the herb garden from planting (June 17th) to harvest.  We'll post the updates and photos every Saturday.


1. Assembly/Planting

2. Updates

         Week 1: June 17 - June 23

         Week 2: June 24 - June 30

Assembly Summary:

1. Difficulty - easy

2. Time - 10 minutes

3. Tools - none

4. Cost - $150


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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