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The full Neo iOn connection kit came with the main electronics controller unit, a cable to the iPod, and a cable to the stereo headunit.  The iPod cable will connect to any dockable iPod (3rd gen, 4th gen, mini, nano).

The advantage of connecting the iPod via the dock connector instead of the mini-jack or via a FM transmitter is that the iPod's function can be controlled.  Another benefit is that the iPod can be charged while being used. 

The main electronics controller unit is user programmerable to work with a large variety of vehicles.  The specific dip switch settings are listed in the instructions guide.

Each vehicle has a specific cable for its headunit.  If you are going to do your own installation, be sure to let the Neo folks know the make of the vehicle when ordering.

Since the controller box is user adjustible for different vehicles, you can take this unit and install it into the new car just by getting the appropriate interface cable.

We'll be installing this unit into a 2004 Volkswagen GTI.  Go check it out here.



iOn iPod Connection Kit

By Wan Chi Lau

We have been playing around with adding the iPod to our cars since the player first came on to the market.

It was simple enough to add an AUX cable and get the audio signal to the headunit, but it was not possible to have the headunit control the iPod until the Neo iOn.

The Neo iOn is an iPod connection kit that passs the audio signal from the iPod to the car stereo, thus allowing the headunit to control the iPod's functions. It also charges the iPod via the dock connector.

The Neo iOn is so small that we had many possible locations where we could install it in the vehicle.

The Neo iOn project is divided into:

- FirstLook

- Installation

- FirstUse

- InTheWild


Project Summary:

1. Difficulty - easy

2. Time - 30-60 min

3. Tools - radio removal tool

4. Cost - $200 

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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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