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Clore Automotive tools are used by professionals...so you know they are built to take the abuses of shop use.  However, they are actually very affordable for the home garage.

The JNC AIR unit is: 1) jumpstarter; 2) a portable power source; and 3) an air-compressor, all in one compact unit.  The unit is about 25lbs, but it is surprisingly easy to carry thanks to the balanced design and curved handle.

Vents on the side keeps the battery and the air compressor cool when in use.  The rubber feet at the bottom acts as a good insulator to isolate the unit and provides a stable platform for the JNC Air. 

Power from the unit may be tapped via the cigarette lighter-style port.  This is handy for using the JNC unit as a power source for various portable electronics gadgets...assuming you have the appropriate 12VDC adapter for your device.

The unit can be recharged just by connecting an extension cord to the plug next to the power port and plugging into any standard household socket.  The JNC unit has built-in overcharge protection.  A full charge cycle is about 24-36 hours. 

The other side of the unit is the air compressor.  There is a PSI gauge to track the pressure.  The coiled hose will reach a full 12' when extended.  The air compressor will fill a completely flat average passenger tire in about 4-7 minutes.

The battery of the JNC AIR is what differentiates it from the less expensive units.  The JNC AIR's PROFORMER battery has very high peak amps (1700 A) and can deliver enough current to jump start quite a few times before needing a charge...especially important when "The Montreal Express" is howling down over New England! 

The compact design allows the JNC Air to fit perfectly in the front trunk of Porsche Boxster, right next to the spare wheel.  The JNC Air unit replaced both the jumper cable and the foot pump.  We'll have a FirstUse when we do the Winter prep routine later in the Fall.


Clore Automotive

Jump-N-Carry Air

By Wan Chi Lau

The guys in the RainyDayGarage have a rule about tools they may not need everyday..."when you need it, it has to work."  Our 1988 Pathfinder is starting to show its age.  With a little bit of work, it has always served us well in the New England Winters.  Even though the RainyDayGarage is pretty well equiped, we thought we should have some portable gear if we ever needed to service it on the road.

So when the guys went looking for a portable-battery-jump-starter, they went straight to Clore Automotive

Sure, there are less expensive portable power sources out there, but would you care about the cost when you are out "there" somewhere and your battery needs a jump or your tires need air?  No...you just want your gear to work. 


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse

3. InTheWild

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Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Pro tool

Usability- compact & portable

Durability- TBD

Price- $345


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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