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We have been passing around the Laptop Armor case these past few days.  The shoulder belt which came with the case was fine, but one of the folks here remembered we had a high tech shoulder belt which would be perfect for it.  The belt is the TerraGrip.  It's secret is this really flexible rubber shoulder pad which just will not slip off the shoulder.

The only problem was the posts on the side of the case will not work with the clip on the TerraGrip shoulder belt.  By now, readers should know this would only slowed us down just a tad.

Out came the scissors, a few snips, some quick adjustments, and we are all good.  The modified TerraGrip is a fantastic upgrade for the LaptopArmor case. 




Laptop Armor

By Wan Chi Lau

James Bond came by RainyDayMagazine today for a visit.  He was intrigued with the infrared upgrade to the tiny Zippo camera we did and wanted to see if we would be willing to trade it for something.

Apparently Q-Branch wasn't able to get a modified spy camera to him until the weekend.  James Bond had this awesome-looking briefcase with him called the LaptopArmor.  Since we had the upper hand, we decide to take advantage of the situation and successfully negotiated a pretty one-sided swap :-)

007's case is not some wimpy soft-sided piece of luggage.  He said it could take a 10' drop onto concrete.  The Contributing Editor immediately yelled from her office and said we should run it over with the Pathfinder...like we did with the iPod case.  Uhhh...maybe someday, but not today.


1. FirstLook/FirstUse

2. TerraGrip Strap

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Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Will not slip

Usability- Fully adjustible strap

Durability- TBD

Price- $25

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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