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The HardBody Pro from Slappa is made of two parts: the outer sleeve and the HardBody case.  The outer sleeve has the same internal dimensions as the FlipTop Pro case, just without the cover.

The HardBody case will fit perfectly into both sleeves.  If you think you may need an extra case during your trip, bringing the HardBody case in the FlipTop Pro sleeve is a great way to save on having to carrying two pieces of luggage.  Perfect for shopping overseas!

The HardBody case/Sleeve combo is a great design idea and Slappa has added a bunch of features to separate it from the rest of the competition.

One such feature is the handle.  The strap is retractable so it is out of the way when not in use.  The connectors are made of metal for strength.  The end clips are nicely finished with the Slappa logo for looks :-)

The zipper is heavy duty industrial grade nylon. There are two rubber pulls and they operate smoothly and silently.

The outer material of the HardBody case is made of the same x-EVA material as their phenomenally durable CD/DVD cases.  This stuff feel a like a cross between rubber and leather.  It is scuff-, wear-. and water-resistant.  It is also light and shock absorbent.  Pretty much all of the qualities one would want in a material for a protective case...and that is just on the outside!

The inside of the case is just as innovative.  There are plenty of pockets and storage for items such as AC cords, adapters, and the other oddly shaped items (mice, USB hubs, etc...).

The main laptop compartment is VERY well cushioned.  Both the top and bottom of that section has strategically placed pads.  There are also velcro straps to keep the laptop in place.

Depending on the size of the laptop, the case can be roomy enough to hold more than one.  We were able to comfortably slide our Sony Vaio into the full size pocket on the other side of the middle protective divider.

We found the weight of the two laptops to be very comfortably distributed because of the wide pad on the shoulder strap.  The strap has the same "quick adjust" design used in that of the FlipTop sleeve.

We are going to travel with this case for the next few months to see how it holds up to actual use.  We also wanted to see how this case compare to a few other laptop cases (Marsus, BrainBag) we will be reviewing this season.




HardBody Pro

By Wan Chi Lau

Need to take three laptops with you when you travel? We do, sometimes.  That's when we reach for our Slappa Fliptop Pro bag.

Need a rugged laptop case that is a breed apart?  Then the Slappa HardBody Pro may just be what you are looking for.

We took a close look at both cases and found both of them to be like all other Slappa cases...innovative in design, constructed with high quality materials, and really comfortable to use.

Slappa reviews:

1. FlipTop Pro

2. HardBody Pro

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Great design

Usability- Well padded, quality material

Durability- Test in progress

Price- Fliptop:$70 Hardbody:$130



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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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