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The Sonic Impact Super T-Amp came with all of the parts above (the amplifier, AC Power Adapter, RCA input cable, cable for speaker out, and adapter for car battery).

This second generation unit is housed in a machined aluminum case.  The wiring terminals are higher quality and much beefier compared to the first release. 

There is not much to controlling an amplifier...it's only job is to boost the input signal without adding any distortion.  The front panel definitely reflects this simplicity.  There is a power button, a Power On indicator LED, and a volume knob.  We like the feel and smooth action of the large knurled volume knob. 

With the 12 V power input, the unit is ready-wired for car audio applications (connector included in the kit). 

We decided to open the unit to see what's inside.  The rear panel seemed the best place to start.  A bunch of machine screws later and we were in.

The amazing thing about digital amps is that there is usually not much inside the box.  Most of the work is being done by the Tripath 2024 chip.  Some effort went into making the nice aluminum enclosure.

A quick look down into the case showed the circuit board in the front.  We couldn't get a good look at the circuit board and couldn't figure out how to get the front panel open.  If you want a closer look at the components...go here.

We will hook this amplifier to our test system and see what kind of sound we get from it.  We know a little about audio gear, but nothing like Jeff Day.  If you don't want to wait for us, click on over to SixMoons and read his take on the Son of T-Amp.




Sonic Impact

Super T-Amp

By Wan Chi Lau

Sonic Impact shook the audio world when it introduced an audio amplifier for under $30 which rivaled those costing 10 times more. 

They have now released an updated version of the amp with a machined aluminum case, metal knobs, and overall better parts.

This FirstLook review will cover all of the physical features of the unit.  We'll also take it apart to see what's inside.


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Solid Aluminum

Usability- One button and one knob

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $150


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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