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Speck makes a hard plastic case for the Motorola RAZR.  Three color cases - Dark Gray, Clear, Red - are included in the SeeThru collection.  You can mix and match if you like or go with just one color.   We liked both the dark gray and the clear.  The red didn't really look right with the RAZRs we had.

The two-piece SeeThru case slipped perfectly around the RAZR.  The fit was excellent.  There were no problems opening or closing the case.  There were appropriate cutouts and slots for accessing all of the controls and ports.

The only potential issue we came across was that the SeeThru covered over the RAZR's camera lens.  This offers extra protection of the lens, and is probably fine for the clear case, but the red and dark gray cover will most likely interfere with the quality of the image taken by the camera.  We would have preferred if Speck had left the camera lens uncovered.

Unlike the SkinTight, the hard case does not cover the hinge area, thus leaving it unprotected.   The upside is that when in the RAZR is in the open position, there is no unsightly flap :-)

The SeeThru case does not come with a belt clip, but if you really must have one... it will fit the one which came with the SkinTight case.

Speck also makes RAZR cases in a host of other styles and colors.  Go check them out and find just the right one for you...or get a bunch of them and change them to fit your mood of the day!




RAZR- Hard Case

By Wan Chi Lau

Speck makes both fun and functional cases for all kinds of portable electronics.  They first came across our radar when we saw them at MacWorld.

We reviewed a few of their iPod nano covers and we found these whimsical cases surprisingly protective.

Speck has a new line of the cases for the wildly popular Motorola RAZR cell phones.

For the FirstLook review, we'll examine two different cases Speck has for the RAZR.  One is a soft rubbery one piece case.  The other is a hard clear two piece covering.  They are representive of the line and should give a good idea of what to expect.


1. FirstLook- SkinTight

2. FirstLook- HardCase



Review Summary:

Initial Impression - Good fit

Usability - Easy on/off

Durability - TBD

Price - $30





Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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