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After assembling the CTA GrandScale system, the next step is to wire it up.  Most of the connections are to the subwoofer unit, thus its placement will have some influence on the locations of the other pieces.

The controller is connected to the amplifier in the subwoofer via the supplied DIN cable.  The cable is long enough for the subwoofer to be placed about 8 feet away.  The satellite speaker cables are little longer.

Even though the GrandScale is designed for the iPod, the controller does have Audio In connectors for any generic sound source (MP3, CD/DVD, etc...)  The wire-connecting posts of the satellite speakers are quality knurled knobs and can accommodate both thread-thru wires and plugs.

The system would look better if the wires to the satellite speakers were threaded into the support tube (hint, hint) and run out the base.  We'll see if we can drill a small hole into the tube and run the wire out ourselves.

We tried the CTA GrandScale in a few different places around the RainyDayMagazine office to see where it would best fit.  In the end, we decided the large meeting room was the most appropriate location.

As with any subwoofer/satellite speaker system, the large bass speaker can be placed anywhere.  We have hidden it behind the large plant for a cleaner look.  Some argued that it seems a shame to hide it since it is so good looking.

So if you want a lot of music without a lot of hardware, consider the iPod and CTA GrandScale combo.  We'll have a more detailed FirstUse write-up posted soon.



GrandScale iPod Speaker System

By Wan Chi Lau

The CTA GrandScale Speaker System is one of the largest accessories you can get for your iPod :-)

This system was designed not just to create room-filling sound from a dockable iPod, but to enhance the decor as well.  The GrandScale is simple to set up, easy to move around, and fits pretty much anywhere. 

For the FirstLook review, we'll check out the speakers and all of its various parts.  For the FirstUse review, we'll give you our impressions of these iPod speakers.


1. Assembly

2. Wiring Mod

3. FirstLook

4. FirstUse

Review Summary:

Initial Impression - great looking

Usability - all dockable iPods

Durability - TBD

Price - $250


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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