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Don't get us wrong...we LOVE the dark rich appearance of the Zulu Black and it's titanium band!  We just wanted to see how this watch would look with the rubber diver's band.  Besides, it gave us an excuse to play with the tools which came with the Zulu :-)

There is a link removal tool and a pick.  The link removal tool is for pushing out the retaining pin in the link bracelet.  One end of the pick is for pushing on the retaining pin when putting it back into the bracelet.   The other end of the pick is for grabbing and pushing on the spring-loaded anchor pins which hold the bands to the watch.

We didn't want to scratch the finish on the watch.  So, in addition to the tools provided by Zulu, we added a pair of magnifying spectacles and a lint-free cloth work surface. 

It was easy enough (with the magnifying glasses) to manipulate the forked end of the tool to detach the anchoring pin and free the bracelet from the watch.

We also took this opportunity to take some pics of the back of the Zulu and closeups of the bracelet.  Many of the photos in this article have a LARGER version linked to them.  Just click on the images if you are interested in getting a closer look.

Installing the diver's band was straight forward.  There are two sets of anchor holes on the watch...the set closer to the ends are the ones for the bands.  The set deeper in from the tips are for the bracelet.

When installing the retaining pin, it is easiest to push the pin underneath the tip and move the band around until you feel the pin click into place.  In the photo above, one of the anchor holes from the second set can be clearly seen.

Here are the two YES watches (Zulu, Cosmo) with the diver's band installed.  We think both look amazing!  We'll probably leave these bands on as we do the other articles.  Mostly because in this configuration we can all wear them without having to worry about the fit.   If you really want to see more of the metal bracelet or leather band, let us know...we are always happy to accommodate :-)


Wild Seed Inc.

YES Zulu

By Wan Chi Lau

The Chinese proverb below roughly translates as:

"An inch of daylight is worth an inch of gold, but it's difficult to buy an inch of daylight with an inch of gold."

The YES Zulu watch, as designed by Bjorn Kartomten may not let you buy back daylight, but it will certainly let you track it in a variety of ways.

We got interested in YES watches when readers asked us about them after reading our review of the Solunar a year ago.

The Zulu from YES is similar in functions (sunrise/sunset tracking, multiple time zones, etc...), but several orders of magnitude higher in quality (titanium bands, sapphire crystal, presentation case).

In this review, we'll take a look at how to change the titanium links band to the diver version.  In other upcoming articles, we'll look at details of the watch, the various functions, and our impressions after wearing the watch for a while.


1. FirstLook

2. Changing Strap

3. Features

4. FirstUse

5. InTheWild


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Amazing quality

Usability- Well conceived interface

Durability- 2 year warranty

Price- List price: $750


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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