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The Logitech mm28 flat panel speakers are a very compact unit.  The unit is about 11.5" long x 4.25" wide and folds up to about 1.25".  It reminded some of us of a large pencil box :-)

The speaker surface is completely smooth.  There is a rubber membrane around the edge of the silvery panel.  This is how the surface vibrates back and forth.

The clear protective cover will fold completely back and doubles as the speaker stand.  The angle of the speaker is not adjustible.  There is a rubber ring (red arrow) around the edge of the clear cover to keep the unit from sliding around.  The entire setup is very stable.

The hinge is beefy and looks well made, but it is plastic so this may be a issue with repeated openings, but we'll know whether it will be a problem after using it for a few months.

All of the connectors are in the back of the mm28.  The power socket is in the middle of the unit.  The audio-in cord is nicely integrated into the case.

The audio-in plug is the standard mini-jack which is found on most CD/DVD players, MP3 players, and iPods.  This means the unit will work with pretty much everything that is on the market.

There is no volume control on the mm28.  Actually, there is only one button on the unit...the power button.  All other functions (volume, bass/treble, song selections, etc...) are control via the source unit.

The mm28 can be powered by AC via the adapter or by 4 AA batteries.  The battery compartment is on the lower left at the back of the unit. 

We had reviewed another unit from Logitech last year...the mm50.  The mm50 is a slightly larger unit with more functions and features (remote, rechargeable batteries, etc...) than the mm28.  However, the mm28 is about half the price!

Both the mm28 and mm50 are great looking units.  Your selection will depend on how you use external speakers and whether the iPod dock/recharging capability is important to you.

We tested the mm28 with a variety of music (classical, pop, rock, etc...) and found the mm28's sound a bit less full compared to the mm50 especially in the bass range.  The mm28's flat membrane just can't push that much air and it shows when the volume is cranked up.  With that said, these speakers are quite capable at average listening levels...which is what it was designed for. 

So if portability and ease of setup are important criteria for you, then these speakers are worth serious consideration.  If you like your music loud, then spend a bit more and go with the mm50.





mm28 NXT Speakers

By Wan Chi Lau

We don't really like thin supermodels, but when it comes to portable speakers... the thinner the better!

The folks here at RDM were very excited when we heard that Logitech was planning to release a set of portable speakers based on NXT's flat panel technology.

This week, we finally got our hands on a unit and will be playing around with it to see if this technology is as good as we had hoped.  We want to find out if the sound is as good as the sound from traditional cone speakers, but we are also interested in whether there is any difference in battery consumption and weight between the two styles of speakers.

In the FirstLook review, we'll take a look at the unit, the various power and connection options, and its overall design.

In the FirstUse review, we'll give you our impression of its sound quality as compared to other units we have tested in the past.  We'll also share some relevant comments on portability and battery life/power consumption.

Review Summary:

Initial Impression - Flat & light

Usability - Cover doubles as stand

Durability - TBD

Price - $80


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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