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A touch screen would make it really easy to show things in any configuration.  Obviously the horizontal view would be best for most video playback.

A "virtual clickwheel" would appear wherever the user touch on the screen.  The opacity of the virtual clickwheel would be a user preference.  The mock-up above showed what it would look like at 25% and 50%.  The image below shows the wheel's opacity at 100%.

We'll play around with some user interface ideas the rest of the day and post more mock-ups later :-)  We now need to go get some food.

As you can see...there are LOTS of other folks who can mock things up MUCH better than we can  :-)  Thanks for sharing!!!

1. From Garoo...

2. From PixelMojo...

3. From Gaga...



Video iPod Mockup

By Wan Chi Lau

There are some rumors floating around the web that Apple will be releasing a new Video iPod with a full screen. 

It was also rumored that the click wheel will be done via software on a touch sensitive screen.

The folks here at RainyDayMagazine thought that should be simple enough to mock-up...so here it is :-)

Send us ideas and mock-ups (NO stolen pics from Apple...PLEASE!), we'll post 'em.

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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