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The iSkin Duo kit came with all you see above.  You not only get a case to protect you iPod, but you also get a free membership to Audible.com and some free downloads!

The multi-layer iSkin Duo is like a wetsuit for your iPod.  The skin won't make it waterproof, but it will guard it against the occassional splash, knocks, drops, bumps, bruises, etc...

iSkin Duo came with both a screen guard and a click wheel shield for use with the case.  We think these pieces were not really necessary, but if you are rough with your iPod, they will certainly add another layer of protection.

All of the buttons and ports (lock, dock, earphone plug) at both ends of the iPod are accessible.  There is a flap to seal the dock and earphone openings.  The flap folds out during use, but tucks neatly back into place to prevent dirt from getting in.  Note that the extra material from the case may interfere with docking the iPod to another device (speakers, chargers, etc...).

The iPod can be placed inside both cases at once.  We had no problems doing it that way.  However, for this review, we pulled the case apart so you can see the different pieces clearer.

The iSkin Duo is about the same size and thickness as the iKeyChain, but the iKeyChain is just a little bit longer.  One thing the iKeyChain case has over all of the other cases we've used is the ease of inserting and removing the iPod.

It is possible to use just the inner skin as protection if you don't need the clip. The outer layer adds more padding and has the flaps to protect the opening at the bottom of the iPod.  It is also what is needed to hold the screen and clickwheel shields in place.

To get the screen shield properly aligned, we held it in place when sliding the skinned iPod into the outer sleeve.   The shield can also be slipped in between the two layers after the fact.

Above is a fully assembled iSkin Duo with all of the shields installed.  It has a totally different feel from a "naked" iPod.  It won't slide off the table.  It will bounce a little.   The iSkin Duo encased nano will also feel a little like an big eraser :-)

The wheel center shield is optional, as is the rear clip.  The protective layer seemed like overkill to us.  Our recommendation is to leave it off, mostly because we mount our devices (PDA, cell phone, iPod) using velcro...hey, we are wacky that way :-)   Read the instructions before trying to take the rear clip off.  It will save you some time.

If you like to take the ipod out hiking, to the beach, or to activities where it may get exposed to an occasional splash or jolt, the iSkin Duo would be a great case for you.  This may not be the ideal iPod case if you like to switch between a "naked" and "dressed" ipod.




Duo for iPod nano

By Wan Chi Lau

There are a lot of companies offering silicone iPod cases on the market now.  Silicone is a great material since it is form fitting, protects against moisture, and is shock absorbent.

The iSkin Duo is interesting in that it is actually composed of two layers.

The Duo is available in a variety of colors.  The case is made of five pieces: outer sleeve, inner skin, wheel shield, screen shield, and clip. 

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Classy

Usability- Hit and miss...

Durability- Well constructed

Price- $25-$30


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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