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The  iKeyChain has been in constant use for about 5 months now.  We don't have to worry about taking special care when handling the nano in this aluminum shell.  The case also hides any marks or scratches amazingly well.  To test the C6, we moved the nano from iKeyChain shell and encased it in the C6 carbon fiber case to see if the C6 could stand up to the same kind of wear and tear.

The case is made of two pieces of carbon fiber panels, 4 posts, screws, and a clip.  The openings in the panels were precision cut.  The posts are attached via stainless steel machine screws.  We really like the design's simplicity and elegance of the C6 case.

The ipod is anchored in the case by the curved portion of the posts.  To get the iPod into th case, at least 3 of the screws must be removed and the forth loosened.  Be sure to rotate the post so that the curved section is properly aligned with the corner of the iPod.

Note that there are screws on both sides of the posts.  Once all of the screws have been tightened, the iPod should be firmly secured and should not shift around at all inside the case. 

Once the iPod was in the case, it became obvious to us why C6 cut a hole in the back.  The gripping ability of the clip is improved due to the cut out.  The added curve from the posts made the whole thing easier and more comfortable to hold.

We love the look of the black nano in the C6 case...looks pretty good on our faux-CF Apple G3 case as well!   Maybe Apple will make a carbon fiber skinned iPod someday.  Until then, pick up a case from C6 and skin you own.




iPod nano cases

By Wan Chi Lau

Carbon fiber is amazing stuff.  It is stiffer than steel, really light weight, and has a look all its own.  It was just a matter of time before someone made a cool iPod case out of the stuff.

Many know the iKeyChain is our favorite case for our iPod nano.  The C6 carbon fiber case may be a strong challenger for that title.

The package included a hex key for removing the screws and a clear  shield for the front of the ipod.  We did not use the clear shield since we had previously installed the InvisibleShield.

In the FirstLook review, we'll take a look at the cases, its fit, and finish.

We'll use this case for a few months and see how the carbon fiber holds up in real world use.

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Beautiful

Usability- Stiff, light, thin

Durability- Well constructed

Price- $40-$50

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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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