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The Waring Pro Specialty Blender comes in four parts (base unit, glass carafe, rubber lid, center cap).  Everything felt substantial and high grade. 

The heavy glass carafe can hold 48 ounces of liquid.  Measurement markings were molded into its side. 

The lid is in two parts.  The outer "ring" was made of a soft flexible rubber piece.  The cap is a hard plastic piece which fits snuggly in the center opening.

The blade assembly at the bottom of the container is not removable. We loved the design of the carafe... how the pour spout was integrated into the shape which holds it in place with the base unit.

The motor is a 550 watt 1/2 HP unit housed in a beautifully designed retro-looking stainless steel base.  The four posts makes it easy to properly position and secure the container...no needed to "turn and lock in" the container as required by blenders from other companies.

The controls are pretty straigt forward.  There are three speed setting with a pulse option.  The blender also has a "self preservation" mode which will kick in if the motor got too hot.

We are going to invite some folks to bring their favorite tequila, recipes, and ice so we can PROPERLY test out this beauty for our FirstUse review.  Check back and see how it did in a few weeks... just keep the noise down, we may have a slight hangover :-)



Pro Blender

By Wan Chi Lau

The key to making good margaritas is a good blender. Waring is THE name in blenders.

We at RainyDayKitchen got our hands on their beautiful new retro-looking Pro model. 

We'll take a look at its basic features in the FirstLook review. We'll make some margaritas and let you know how it performed in the FirstUse report.

And yes... we know blenders can also be used to make things like soup, smoothies, etc.  But we have not found any good recipes for tequila soup yet.  If you have one, please send it to us!


1. First Look

2. First Use

3. In The Wild Report


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Solidly built

Usability- Simple controls

Durability- test in progress

Price- $150


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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