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The Tassimo Hot Beverage System is made up of three main components: Water container/filter system, brewing unit, and cup stand/drip tray.

The cup stand and drip tray is adjustible to accommodate cups of different heights, from petite espresso cups to hefty mugs.

The Tassimo System uses pre-measured pods called "T-DISCS." These discs are filled with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. Each T-Disc has a barcode that indicates what type of product is in it.  The machine brews the "Perfect Cup" based on the barcode.

The discs are "use once" items (the Contributing Editor, ever frugal, tried to use one more than once, with unsatisfactory results).  They come sealed and ready for use.  They should be stored in a cool dry place, but they do not need to be refrigerated.

The T-Disc is inserted into the holder, and a hole is automatically punctured into it by the mechanism when the clamp is closed.

Water for the Tassimo System is supplied by the reservoir in the back of the machine.  To get the best tasting beverage, the water is is filtered through a activated charcoal purification unit before it is pumped through the T-Disc.

Prior to using the water filter for the first time, it needs to be throughly saturated.  The instruction said to soak it for 30 minutes in tap water.

We set the timer and went off to see how the guys in the RainyDayGarage were doing with the Drive & Play installation.  Come back and check out the FirstUse review in a few days.




By Wan Chi Lau

Most of us jump start our mornings with a cup of coffee.  Some of us here at RainyDay drink it all day long.  But no matter when we drink our coffee, we love a fresh cup.

Kraft has made it easy to make the "perfect cup" of whatever we want (coffee, espresso, cappuccino, cafe crema, hot chocolate, and tea) with the Tassimo hot beverage system.  The system supplied by Kraft comprised of a machine made by BrAun and beverage discs from celebrated brands such as Gevalia, Suchard, and Twinings.

In the FirstLook review, we'll set up the machine and take a look at all the pieces that makes this machine work.

In the Firstuse review, we'll see just how quick and simple it is to make all kinds of different drinks.


1. First Look

2. First Use

3. In The Wild Report


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Nice size

Usability- One Button, 60 seconds

Durability- test in progress

Price- $170


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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