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SausageFest 2005

By Wan Chi Lau


The categories were:

  • Crowd Pleaser ... Just like in the Gladiator...”You win the crowd, you win your freedom

A Tie!  Bill’s entry of “Cheese & Garlic Pork”, Gordon’s “ Sweet Chinese Pork”

The Sweet Chinese sausage has won two years in a row...judges have decided this sausage will now be entered into the SausageFest Hall of Fame!

  • Most Exotic ...not most Erotic, that was a TYPO in previous years!
  • Junko’s entry of Pineapple Linguica Chicken

  • Best “Non Meat”...which means “nothing in the sausage has ever had a face”.

    Stevo’s entry of Tofurky Italian ...although there was a massive write-in campaign for Carolyn’s Cheese Sausage, but of course...the house cannot win!

  • Best Homemade ... “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”.

    No winners this year due to a scheduling snafu...you know who you are :-)

We had the following entries for SausageFest 2005...

  • Tofurky Italian
  • Chicken-Spinach-Feta
  • Chinese-Sesame-Chicken
  • Italian Spicy
  • Chicken-Lemon-Pepper
  • Chicken-Garlic-Pork
  • Choriso-Chicken-Lamb
  • Pineapple-Linguica-Pork
  • Chicken-Spicy-Thai
  • Sweet Chinese Pork

Video by Wan Chi Lau
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