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Boxster PVC Rear Spearkers Construction :


By Wan Chi Lau

The Porsche Boxster rear speaker system requires the hard storage unit.  If the Boxster did not come with the unit, it will cost about $300 on EBay if/when they become available.

We decided it would be easier to just make some enclosures for the rear speaker kit. 

The project was pretty involved, mostly because there were no instructions to follow... so we had to design everything from scratch.  We looked around and setlled on using PVC pipes for the housing unit.

The good thing about PVC pipes are they are cheap and they are easy to cut.  We went throught about $40 worth of pipes before we got the design just right :-)

This project was divided into 3 phases:

- Construction (16 hrs)

- Painting (2 hrs)

- Installation (2 hrs)


Project Summary:

1. Difficulty - Medium

2. Time - 2 hours

3. Tools - Radio keys

4. Cost - 0

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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