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We took advantage of the first snow storm of the year to test the YakTrax.  We decided to put the YakTrax on a pair of new boots and on a pair of very worn Nike ACG boots to see how they would compare.

Both the toe an heel section of the Nike ACG boots were well worn past being safe to use on snow.  Some sections were almost totally smooth!  We thought it would be a good test for the YakTrax's grip.

Putting on the YakTrax Walker was pretty easy...but still a challenge when you have thick gloves on.  It would have been easier if we had put them on while we were still at the office.

Once we got them on, they stayed on with no problems during our quick one mile walk around Jamaica Pond.  We walked on both the snow covered grass, dirt, and concrete. 

The YakTrax was more comfortable to use when walking on soft ground.  They feel a little bit springy on concrete and on hard even surface.  It was easy to get used to and not a problem from a traction perspective.

Here is a quick video of one of our reviewers walking off in the well worn Nike ACG down a slope with no problems.  We wouldn't have tried it with those boots without the YakTrax.

Compared to the Walker, the YakTrax Pro had and extra strap to secure it against the boot.  We would want it on our winter running shoes, but for walking it was not really as necessary.  However, the YakTrax did add extra traction, even to boots with good tread.

The one comment from our reviewers were some of the snow would pack in the arch section of the boot.  It took a little getting use to, but these YakTrax were a great addition to our winter gear.  We have no problems with recommending them for use in the snow based on this FirstUse review. 

One tip we have from using both the Medium and the Large is ...get the Large.  Even though the Medium was the recommended size for our shoes, we found the Large much easier to put on.  The rubber of the Large stretched tight enough on our size 8.5 boots that we had no problems with the YakTrax moving around.

Walking on cement city sidewalks may cause the rubber parts of the YakTrax to wear faster than walking on snow and dirt, but at least your steps would be secure.  We look forward to trying these out in icy conditions to see how they fare!





By Wan Chi Lau

Snowshoes like those from Tubbs are great for when we are in the outback, but maybe a bit much for city walking.

Sometimes it not convenient to wear the heavy boots and have to change to our dress shoes when we arrive at work.

For those situations, YakTrax has a solution that will get you there without you falling on your...whatever.

We'll take a FirstUse look at YakTrax's Walker and YakTrax Pro in this review.

We'll also take this YakTrax Pro along with us on our snowshoeing outing in January and try them out in different conditions (snow, ice, slosh, etc...).


1. First Look

2. First Use, Movie

3. In The Wild Report


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Stretchy!

Usability- Slips on

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $30


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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