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The YakTrax is made of a net of stretchy rubber and stainless steel coils.  The rubber net will stretch to fit over the bottom of the shoe, sneakers, or boots.  The steel coil provides the traction when walking outside.

To put the YakTrax on, start at the toe, hook it on and pull toward the heel.  It takes a little bit of effort to get the YakTrax over the shoe, but we were putting the "Small" size over a size 8.5 men's shoe...the limit of the recommended size. 

The "Pro" version of the YakTrax has a heavy velcro strap which goes across the top of the shoe to secure it.  We can see how this would be much better.  Just imagine... you are walking along, the YakTrax comes off, you are all bundled up, and it 10 degrees out. Would YOU want to mess around trying to get it back on your shoe?

The YakTrax folds up easily.  The velcro straps will also make it convenient to attach it to the outside of a pack.  If you are packing it for office use, we would recommend getting a waterproof bag of some sort to keep the dirt and water from getting onto your other things.

We think where the YakTrax really shines is for use with dress shoes.  No need to worry about slipping in the snow when running out of the office to get some lunch!

We used a Medium for the dress shoe and it slipped on with no problems.  The only change we would like to see is to have a version with black lettering so the logo is not so prominent when wearing it with dress shoes.  However, I guess that doesn't do the YakTrax folks much good from an product advertising perspective :-)

The YakTrax is convenient and clever.  We think it is a great value for the price... a perfect stocking stuffer :-)






By Wan Chi Lau

Snowshoes like those from Tubbs are great for when we are in the outback, but maybe a bit much for city walking.

Sometimes it not convenient to wear the heavy boots and have to change to our dress shoes when we arrive at work.

For those situations, YakTrax has a solution that will get you there without you falling on your...whatever.

We'll take a look at YakTrak's latest version in this review.

We'll also take this YakTrak Pro along with us on our snowshoeing outing in December and try them out in different conditions (snow, ice, slosh, etc...).


1. First Look

2. First Use, Movie

3. In The Wild Report


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Stretchy!

Usability- Slips on

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $30


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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