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Invisible Shield

Clickwheel Cutout install

By Wan Chi Lau

Some readers pointed out that while the InvisibleShield provided full body protection for the iPod nano, it also obscured the aesthetics of the matte clickwheel.

The makers of the InvisibleShield responded quickly and released a version of the iPod nano cover with precise cutouts of the clickwheel.

They have also addressed the issue of "what wetting agent" to use when applying the InvisibleShield by including a vial of liquid that makes the entire process quick and painless.

We completed the entire installation process in one attempt in less than 10 minutes :-)


1. FirstLook/FirstUse

2. Removal

3. Clickwheel Cutout install

4. One Year Later

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Precise cut outs

Usability- Mystery liquid included

Durability- Lifetime Replacement

Price- $20

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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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