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The Stealth Surfer USB key is not an ordinary flash drive.  This USB 2.0 device contains a whole collection of software (custom FireFox browser, IP masking application, data encryption software, and Thunderbird email client) that allows a user to safely surf the web from ANY Windows computer.

The hardware design is straighforward.  The device is a clear plastic shell with a USB connector at one end and a slot at the other.  A cap with an integrated clip protects the USB connector from dirt and other pocket debris.  We would have preferred the clip to be on the shell; if the cap and the shell separate, the important part is the shell with the memory chip, not the cap! 

A clever part of the StealthSurfer design is the removeable/ upgradeable memory module.  We got the 256MB chip version, but Stealth Ideas has modules as large as 1GB.

If you are thinking of purchasing a USB key, this StealthSurfer is a great unit to consider.  If you travel and use machines or WiFi networks while on the road, this little device could potentially save you alot of headaches!  If you are a secret agent and you need to leave no footprints of your digital incursions, then this is a MUST HAVE in your equipment kit... so go requisition one from Q Branch right now if one has not already been issued to you.

In the FirstUse Review, we'll go into depth on the software bundle that makes this unit "stealthy".  Check back after Thanksgiving... if you can find us :-)



Stealth Ideas, Inc.

StealthSurfer II

By Wan Chi Lau

When we at RainyDayMagazine go on the road, we always take care when accessing the web on public machines.  We never access financial or other sensitive accounts on machine we don't know or trust, only use email accounts which can be discarded if compromised, and generally follow common sense procedures.

Since WiFi hotspots are now everywhere, surfing from one's own laptops can give a false sense of security.  Using your own laptop does NOT mean you are safe. You must take proper identity-theft precautions when you are "out there" zooming around.

The folks at Stealth Ideas, Inc. had a good idea.  Why not take some of the bulletproof open source software, add some data encryption, and put the entire bundle on a USB key?  That way, a user can plug it into any computer, surf safely, and leave no trace...

In the FirstLook review, we'll show you the physical device.  In the FirstUse review, we'll see if it lives up to its name.


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse



Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Stealthily small

Usability- Plug-N-Play but PC only


Price- $99 for 128MB

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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