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The Mplat FlashPhone came with everything you see up top...a USB device and headphones with an inline mic.  The device supports both USB 1.1 and the faster USB 2.0 protocol.  The FlashPhone does not need audio support from the host computer as it comes with its own 32 bit audio DSP chip with echo cancellation capabilities.

The volume control is built into the FlashPhone unit.  There are also controls for mute, fast forward, and rewind for listening to the playbacks of your Skype conversations.

To use the unit, just plug the headphones into the base, put the headphones into your ears, plug the FlashPhone into the computer, make the call, and speak into the mic... not much to it :-)

Mplat lets you install any VOIP software (Skype comes preinstalled) on to the FlashPhone, and make calls directly using the USB device.  That way, a user can plug it into any computer, make VOIP calls, and leave no trace... just like the StealthSurfer, but with voice calls.

The FlashPhone comes in different flash memory sizes...from 128MB to 1GB.  With the larger capacity versions, users can get some of the StealthSurfer capabilities by installing your own Thunderbird email reader, FireFox browser, and other "safe surfing" applications!

We'll take a look at the content of the FlashPhone in the FirstUse review.  We'll also call some friends who are currently over in Ireland and England to see how well the mic and the headphones work.  Feel free to give a call at the office :-)




FlashPhone F2K

By Wan Chi Lau

A LOT of people have a cell phones. Some folks have gotten rid of their land line phones and have ONLY the cell phone.  With WiFi spreading like wildfire, others may soon realize they don't even NEED their cell phones IF they can access their VOIP account wherever they are.

A company called Mplat has just made it a little bit easier for those VOIP folks.  They have a product called the FlashPhone F2K.  It is a USB device which allow users to make VOIP calls from any computer with a broadband connection.

Compared to the older F1K, the F2K version has some hardware upgrades (better mic and headphones), software fixes (drivers, default software bundle), and a lower price :-)

In the FirstLook review, we'll show you the physical unit.  In the FirstUse review, we'll make some internet calls and see how well it works.


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- PocketSize

Usability- Plug-N-Play but PC only


Price- $40 for 128MB

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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