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Some readers had mentioned the InvisibleShield material was the same stuff that 3M sells for protecting car bumper and headlight from road hazards.  The BestSkinsEver people obviously thought the same thing.

Like the InvisibleShield, the BestSkinsEver had the same precision die-cut for the front, back, and the clickwheel.  It also had the same the "stippling" quality and will change the glass smooth appearance of the original surface.

Most of us have seen demonstration of how tough the skins are when poked with a ball point pen.  We wanted to do our own PunctureTest and see for ourselves.  So we rigged up the setup below to see just how hard it was to puncture one of these skins.

The skin held for a surprisingly long time.  We thought with the small point of the screwdriver, the skin would have gave way easily.

After exerting a good deal of downward pressure, we were able to push through the skin.  We must qualify that it was an amount that would have easily broken the LCD anyway.

Next up was the StretchTest.  We pulled in a lot of different directions but was unable to rip the skin.  Yes...it stretched, but it did not tear.  This stuff from BestSkinsEver appeared to be pretty tough.  It certainly appears tough enough to protect the iPod from everyday scratches.

Now, if somebody can find a material that does not have the stipple quality, then they would really get the nano market excited.  We KNOW folks are working on it and we'll share the results with you as soon as we can.  The question is who will be the FIRST to market ??? 




iPod nano 3M cover

By Wan Chi Lau

for iPod owner that did not want to use an outer case because they wanted to preserve the original look of the iPod nano, the InvisibleShield was the only game in town.

We knew the InvsibleShield would not have the nano market to itself for long once the scratching issue made their shields famous. 

There are a few companies making similar products, but the closest (identical???) competitor we have found was from BestSkinsEver.   

In the FirstLook review, we'll see how close this cover is to the InvisibleShield.

In the FirstUse review, we'll see if the application is as easy as that of the InvisibleShield.


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse



Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Precisely cut

Usability- Peel, wet, apply

Durability- time will tell

Price- $5.99!!!

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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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