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The Brunton SolarRoll weighs just over a pound (17 oz), comes in its own storage tube with anti-rolling end caps, and unrolls to just under 5 feet long (12"x57").

All that surface collects enough photons to generate 14 watts of power... sufficient to run/recharge a laptop, satellite phone, or a professional digital camera.

The package came with two main types of connectors: a multi-plug and a lighter socket.  It would have been difficult to create an adapter that would work with a lot of devices.  The lighter socket was a good choice, since for most portable devices, somebody makes a car lighter adapter for it.

The Brunton SolarRoll cells are embedded in a flexible waterproof Tefzel fluoropolymer shell.  The connector socket is at one corner of the panel.

We found the SolarRoll fits perfectly under the Kata pack.  In the next review, we'll load up the Kata and take both out for a little hike.  We'll also hook up a few different devices to the SolarRoll 14 to see how they perform.

Come back again in July to see how the Brunton performed "In The Wild".



SolarRolls Flexible Solar Panel

By Wan Chi Lau

We bring a lot of digital gadgets with us when we go on vacation.  All of them need power.  Some of them need a LOT of power.  Most of the time recharging batteries is as simple as plugging in the charger.  However, when you are out in the middle of nowhere, an electric outlet may not be "convenient".

This is when the Brunton SolarRoll 14 really shines.  The SolarRolls come in different sizes (4.5, 9, 14 watt versions).  They are all made of the same amorphous solar cells for efficient conversion even in low light.

In this RainyDayMagazine "First Look" review, we'll show you the details of the Brunton Flexible Panel.  In the next review, we'll use the panel to charge some devices.  In the last of this series, we'll actually take it with us a trip to see how well it works "In The Wild"!


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Excellent

Usability- Simple

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $400


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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