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Our reservation was for 9:30 AM on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day.  We got up early, got our coffee, took a leisurely walk down Commercial Street to the pier, and checked in with the ticketing guy.  There were maybe a few dozen folks on line... unlike the 200 grade school kids on the Aquarium outing.  Already this was about a thousand times more enjoyable :-)

The Portuguese Princess had a great crew on board.  They were friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. 

We were out for only about 40 minutes when we saw our first group of whales.  It was a large pod of Pilot Whales ... maybe a hundred in all!

We watched the various Pilot Whales swim and feed.  It was quite a sight!  Our guide remarked that it was the largest pod he has seen this year.

We spent about 30 minutes watching the Pilot Whales then it was time to move on to look for larger whales!  We went for another 15 minutes and came upon some Humpback Whales.  There was a calf and its mother.  We thought the calf was large...then we saw the mother!

The time flew by.  It was hard to believe the entire outing was 3 hours.  On the other two cruise we spent most of the time searching for whales.  On this cruise, we spent a good amount of the time actually watching whales.

So, if you are thinking of going Whale Watching and can afford to take the time out to go to Provincetown to do it... we would highly recommend you do so and do it with the folks at the Portuguese Princess Excursions!  RainyDayMagazine did and had an amazing time :-)


Portuguese Princess

Whale Watch

By Wan Chi Lau

This was our third Whale Watch excursion this summer.  I guess the third time was the charm because we saw a ton (...I guess hundreds of tons) of whales this time out!

We went on the Boston Harbor Cruise Whale Watch in June and the New England Aquarium cruise in July. We only saw about three whales in total on the two outings.  Some of the folks at RainyDayMagazine claimed they were actually the same whales :-)  

This time we drove out to Provincetown and booked a cruise with Portuguese Princesss Excursions.  It was fantastic!

You can find out more about the Portuguese Princesss Excursions here.

They actually arranged a full PTown Pass for us.  If you are going to visit Provincetown... we highly recommend taking advantage of this combined package!


1. Provincetown

2. Portuguese Whale Watch

3. Art's Dune Tour , panorama

NOTE:  One nice "extra" on the Portuguess Princess Whale Watch was they had a professional videographer, from InTheWild Productions, on board. 

Trust us, taking videos on a moving vessel and trying to look at whales is not as much fun as you might think.  It is MUCH more fun to just concentrate on watching the whales.  Besides, these videograpers have done this hundreds of times and will get MUCH better footage.   So leave the videocamera home and just enjoy the cruise because for $20 you can get a VHS or DVD copy of your trip shot using professional equipment :-) 

Photography by Wan Chi Lau      
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