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Day Three

Techsuperpower had their totally geeked out Lexus "DV Editing Studio on wheels" at the show. 

It was pretty amazing what they managed to cram inside the trunk and the backseat.  I think they may have voided the warranty.

The other really cool "car related" item at the show was from Harman Kardon...the same folks that supply high end OEM car audio components to Porsche, BMW, and other luxury cars.

If you have integrated an iPod into your car, you already know how amazing it is to have all those tunes available at your fingertips.  You will undoubtedly also have discovered that it is near impossible to browse your iPod without driving off the road. 

Well, Harman Kardon has done something about the problem of in-vehicle iPod control with their new Drive+Play offering.  Go read all about it here.

The last item at the show we wanted to mention was a product from ThinkFree.  Some of our readers actually work for a living... so this item is to show that we are thinking of you!

Thie "ThinkFree Office 3 Show, iPod Edition" will enable anyone with an iPod to create, edit and give full-blown PowerPoint presentations.  Now I'm pretty sure no one would actually create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch using their iPod, but the ability to give a presentation can be pretty compelling.


Macworld 2005


By Wan Chi Lau


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